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Posted by Good Apryl on 18-09-2009


You can never find enough cute and slutty teens. Today is no different, they found cute eighteen year old Taylor just hanging out at the mall. They didn't have to try to hard to get her to come home with them. She couldn't wait to grab that thick beef and do a dance on it with her face. She got a great face fuck and then her pussy was pummeled and stretched wide by that thick beef.

Brunette Gets Splashed With a Cum Cocktail

Posted by Good Apryl on 11-09-2009


Poor Chelsie Rae. This cute brunette trusted her blond friend. She said she had a great guy that she had to meet. When they got to the house her girlfriend fled the scene and this great guy didn't waste anytime tearing into this brunettes skirt. He fucked her pussy and then gave her a face fuck and cum shot that she wouldn't forget. What did her girlfriend do? She laughed at her! I think she needs new friends!

Graduated to Fuck Slut

Posted by Good Apryl on 04-09-2009


After graduation Kacey Jordan was headed to her party. She was so proud of herself for finishing school and becoming someone. It won't be long until she has a great job, a new apartment and is making her way into the world. As a send off the guys from Disgraced 18 helped her graduate from sex school too. They tied her up, tore up her clothes and beat the shit out of her mouth and pussy with cocks and toys until she was exhausted. They gave her a hot shot of cum for their own graduation present.

Cute Blonde Gives Pitty Fuck

Posted by Good Apryl on 28-08-2009


AllyAnn found this old dude hanging out in his backyard. He was old, he was ugly and he looked so damn sad. She wanted to cheer up this old guy and she wasn't sure how until she saw him drooling over her big tits. A lightbulb went off in her head, and she knew exactly how to cheer up this old geezer. Watch as she buffs up his cock with her amazing sucking and fucking skills. She was amazed at how big that old man's cock was and found out she really liked fucking that hard old cock of his.

Let Sleeping Geeks Lie

Posted by Good Apryl on 21-08-2009


This super geeky blonde falls asleep on her bed while reading her newest notes from her psych class. She apparently finds them as boring as they really are. It isn't long though until she has a visitor to her apartment and her bedroom. Her bio partner came by to ask her some questions about their project, when he finds her snoozing he thinks she looks damn yummy. His thoughts take him from thinking to doing and he finds himself filling her mouth with his cock.

Sweet Yummy Kandi

Posted by Good Apryl on 14-08-2009


This cute piece of Kandi is a real prick tease.  I swear she can't keep that little pink tongue inside her mouth for anything.    I guess that is part of being 18, just being really goofy and shit.   She soon forgot her tongue when that pretty pink slit was spread open and a big dick was shoved in deep.  Her mouth and tongue did get back into the picture when that dick was shoved at her.  Watch her open wide for a thick blast of cum juice.

Two Horny Chicks Share More Than Dick

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When these two nasty fuck sluts run up against a huge meaty dick they want it. They aren't sure how to split it up at first, but once those tongues start to lick and suck at it, they realize how easy it is to share that cock. They took turns playing with that cock. It split that horny brunettes tits in half before punishing that blonde's wet pussy. When it exploded they shared that monster cumblast together.

Amber Had a Big Mouth

Posted by Good Apryl on 31-07-2009


This cute babe went with her boyfriend to shoot some hoops. He ran into some of his friends and they started a little competition. When things got intense she opened her mouth to point out some basic mistakes and her boyfriend turned on her. Her took her back to the locker room and shoved her mouth full of plastic ball-gag before attacking and abusing her soaking wet pussy.  He finally undid her ballgag so he could feed her his meaty cock and wet dripping stick.

Ron Jeremy Playing With Teen Pussy

Posted by Good Apryl on 24-07-2009


Who doesn't love a cute teen, and when you are around Ron Jeremy he can find them no matter where they might hide out. Today he met the cute and bouncy Calilee! This amazing teen was happy as a pig in shit to meet the infamous Ron Jeremy and get a chance to fuck his famous dick.   She had a blast sucking on Ron's huge meat and letting him slip that pole deep into her nasty wet teen snatch.

Sleeping Angel Gets Attacked By Meat

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Cute Elizabeth Ann had a hard day at work and came home to relax and enjoy a full nights rest.  As she is resting a nasty  pervert slips into her bedroom and gives her a mouth fucking.  When she doesn't wake up after he fucks that prett mouth of hers, he slowly slips her his meaty cock.  He pounds that pussy and leave a sticky load on her pretty face.  I wonder what she thought when she woke up to that sticky mess!